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What is Call Center CRM? Why You Need it In 2021?

Call center CRM software helps your customer support team with powerful tools to close tickets faster, ensure customers are successful using your product.


• What is Call center CRM?

Many people are confused about call center CRM and contact center software.  This is not startling since both the software functions can coincide. But there is a disparity, and this can enable you to make the maximum of your call center team. A call center software is an enabler, that enables you to make the calls, receive calls, track the volume of calls being made and develop  IVR responses. And that’s where it stops.

And now let's talk about a call center CRM steps in. In extension to performing everything that a call center software does, it moreover enables them to get a 360 degree of the lead/customers' interests. Besides, before you attend up the phone, you understand specifically what your lead needs which lets your team deliver personalized service.

Rather than buying a separate call center suite and a different CRM suite, executing a CRM which comes with a call center integration would make decent sense for your company and its requirements.

" Call center customer relationship management (CRM)" is a call center technology solution that gives workers access to account data and history rapidly, which enables them to assist clients with up-to-date and relevant data during support. This enables agents to deliver a real-time, personalized customer experience across all channels involving voice, web, and social.

• Advantages of utilizing Tritan  call center CRM

Call center CRM software allows contact center agents to access data rapidly – and in real-time – to deliver customers with pertinent data during telephone and different support channels. With this information on hand, agents – and customers – can conserve time that would oppositely be wasted on compiling the same information a customer had already given formerly.

• Is  Call Center CRM Critical For BPOs?

Call center customer relationship management (CRM) cites a software tool that calls center agents to utilize to improve the customer experience and improve efficiency. Call center CRM systems reserve records about clients, such as account data and past contact history. Because they store history, they may be perceived as a case management tool. Agents utilize the data in CRM systems to personalize customer contacts and comprehend a detailed customer history with the company.

• Call center CRM applications

Call center CRM applications become more strong in the contact center when combined with call center technology. This enables, for instance, a CRM screen to automatically hop for the agent when a call is sent to them. This enhances efficiency and permits the agent to concentrate less on data entry and more on enabling customers with their problems. Other possible aspects of the integration include automatically adding contact records (from numerous channels) to the CRM system and generating tiebacks to call recordings so they can be heard from within the call center CRM application.


The expansion of cloud technology has made integration between call center CRM applications and call center software much simpler than it was in history. Companies such as Tritan CRM Solutions give cloud-based CRM solutions that combine seamlessly and flexibly with call center technology. Today, Software Integration is pivotal in providing the customer with  a delightful experience


• Advantages of Deploying Tritan Call Centre CRM


Tritan CRM  is the market-leading call center software that is used by thousands of organizations of all sizes around the globe to assist them to invariably deliver extraordinary customer experiences. We give out-of-the-box interfaces for various leading call center CRM applications. Our CRM software is a cloud-native, united suite of applications designed to run call (or contact) center operations. Tritan Call Centre CRM  includes:

1)Omnichannel Routing – routing and interaction management. These solutions comprise an automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), interaction channel support, and assertive outbound dialer.

2) Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – leading-edge, instinctive technology. It gives self-service, agent-assisted, and entirely automated signals and actions.

3) Open Cloud Foundation – facilitates immediate innovation with an extensible enterprise-grade platform that handles customary securely, deploys rapidly, and serves customers of all locations. We ensure an industry-best 99.99% availability and give simple customization through flexible APIs.

Tritan CRM  also includes pre-defined CRM integrations and UCaaS integrations with the most leading solutions on the market. These CRM  integrations give a holistic call center software solution that is competent enough of broadening customer experiences for organizations of all sizes.


• How Tritan CRM  Solutions can assist you?

As call centers unfold to deliver omnichannel customer experiences that comprise interactions through numerous digital channels, uniting the gap between CRM systems and call center processes becomes even more critical. Employees require an omnichannel agent desktop that delivers all pertinent customer data on a single screen. Our CRM Omnichannel Agent Desktop handily combines with CRM applications to give agents accurate information at the perfect time.

• With the Tritan  Omnichannel Desktop, you can seamlessly combine CRM systems to:

1) Highly Personalised   customer experience

2) Deliver agents with comprehensive insights into the customer journey

3) Supervise  omnichannel interactions

4) Prioritise and provide work items based on customer agent availability and ability



Binding the dots between systems for an effective operational workflow Whether you need to have your CRM system integrate to another software utilized within your company, bind to a vendor’s system, or combine with third-party software. Tritan Solutions team of skilled  CRM Developers can support you. Our CRM integration could help you to automate processes and can stimulate the error-free transmission of data in your business workflow.

Sometimes, the CRM system interfaces do not match the requirements of a specific business requirement. In dilemmas like these, we can moreover help you to develop custom systems that utilize the data from your CRM with an interface adapted to your business requirements. These custom interfaces can moreover have data exhibited from numerous systems in a single user-friendly interface and at the exact time maintaining the data integrity of the respective underlying systems.

call center crm


1) Telephony Integration

Combining your Telephony system with your CRM can give users an interface to utilize all fundamental telephony services from within your CRM system. This could moreover facilitate you to execute several actions based on the outcome of client communication. Whether it’s Voice, Text, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even the peculiar Fax – all of it can be merged with your CRM system, and the information records could be reserved and accessed within the system too very efficiently.


2) Electronic Signature

E-Signature integration allows you to be free from the dispute of selecting a document from the CRM and delivering it from another application window. With the integration of the CRM  service, you can handily send and upload documents and can get the signed document back in the CRM, therefore gaining all the benefits of e-signed documents without the additional work of logging into another system and organizing those. Some of the design platforms which can be incorporated include DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and HelloSign.

3) Business Intelligence & Reporting

CRM Systems give plenty of data that can be structured, overseen, and exemplified in numerous Dashboards and Reports. Our team can assist you to incorporate your data with numerous off-the-shelf BI and Reporting tools or develop a comprehensive custom tool as per your requirements that can get on top as compared with your current CRM Reporting facilities. We can moreover help you create a data warehouse to store data from numerous systems and create the ETL procedures. Some of the data and reporting platforms that we can combine  Domo, SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio.

4) Connected desktop application:

For many companies, the telecalling team operates out of an office. In some situations, they switch between the field and the floor. This implies that your call center should operate both on the mobile and desktop. Besides, both versions of the tool should be in sync with each other, enabling the customer agent to remain up to date in terms of what problems your customers are facing.


5)  Automated call capture:

Whenever a customer's incoming call is coming into the system, there should be no necessity of entering the customer's details manually. By automating call capture, you assure that none of the calls are missed or left unanswered out. In this manner, you rule out manual mistakes where the agent may skip to log in to the incoming calls that they receive in a day.


6) Transparent telephonic procedures -

When a supervisor wants to take a review at the performance of his sales team, he should be able to view all the customer's details, sales target in his call center CRM accurately. Your call center CRM should be able to exhibit how many calls an agent does in a day, how many calls have resulted in a demo or an optimistic sales action, the content of these calls that he makes, and the size of the deal that his calls have provoked the business. In this manner, you can sketch results accurately, effectively, and efficiently and thus removing those employees who are not performing well.


7)  Comprehensive customer history:

Making calls without learning about the customer is identical to stabbing someone in the dark. This is why your CRM should be able to indicate to you what your lead needs and what his earlier purchases( shopping details )  have been like. With this data, you will only enhance your customer satisfaction by giving them a delightful customized experience.


8)  IVR integration:

One of the objectives of a call center that consumes plenty of your expenses is routine queries. This could be inquiries regarding plans or accessible courses. Not only will they cost extra manpower but could moreover waste away the precious time of your call center agents. Rather, by utilizing an IVR integration, you can solve this difficulty.


9) Availability and Quality based distribution:

An effective call center CRM will automatically distribute calls to the customer agents. But, would just a spontaneous assignment of calls make any sense? There may be moments when some of the users may not be accessible or when the caller needs a specific agent with some basic guidance about their problems

call center crm

10) Payment Gateway

Your E-commerce Business is steered by the fuel known as ‘MONEY’. Incorporating a payment gateway with your CRM will facilitate you to process payments immediately from the system. The scheduled payments can moreover be processed by the CRM automatically on the due date and payment status can be revised instantly.

Based on the status of the payments, you can even have some workflows to execute automated tasks. Some of the payment gateway integrations that we can combine with our CRM  Paytm, Stripe, Authorize.net, Transnational, and PayPal.

Conclusion -

Incorporating your Accounting and Invoicing systems can enable you to link your company finances with your customer records in the CRM. It can moreover enable you to give specified access to your customer-related accounting data to specific users without providing them access to your critical master data  As a result, giving the proficiency to sync the CRM-generated invoices to your accounting system can prevent a lot of unnecessary data entry and avert manual mistakes.

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