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Are you glancing for a beneficial way to sell your products online? Are you glancing for a beneficial antidote to revamp up deals and expand your consumer base? Are you glancing for a customized and highly personalized E-commerce solution to enhance the importance of your brand and your products? If so, you are in the perfect niche. Tritan Solutions is a prominent provider of e-commerce solutions in India and abroad and has decades of knowledge delivering top-notch e-commerce outsourcing assistance.

As a prominent e-commerce solutions corporation, Tritan has numerous years of knowledge in delivering e-commerce software solutions for businesses dispersed across the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We can deliver you a steady C2C, B2B, C2B, or B2C e-commerce strategy that is magnificent and cost-effective.

Sending your business online can renovate your commerce with your buyers and encourage you to stay robust. With a prosperous e-commerce solution, you can enhance your customer base, expand your consumer assistance, curtail your operating costs, and establish fresh market chances. You can furthermore discern an improvement in your revenue, create consumer allegiance, and deliver your consumers with an amazing buying experience.

As a distinguished e-commerce solutions corporation with a comprehensive understanding of software development, communication design, and data management along with a deep and genuine awareness of how online security procedures function, we can plan and cultivate a bespoke e-commerce solution for your company and its brand.

Business transactions that take place in the digital world are called e-commerce, short for "electronic commerce." Popular examples of e-commerce commonly involve purchasing and selling online, but the e-commerce universe comprises different categories of activities as well. Any pattern of the business transaction completed electronically can be cited as e-commerce. Those involved in the digital transactions can depict numerous varieties of customers, businesses, vendors or other suppliers, or government agencies.

E-commerce has encountered substantial expansion since the beginning of the internet as a commercial enterprise. Its advantages include reducing time and geographical boundaries, facilitating operations, and reducing costs.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

B2C transactions are what gently comes to mind when people think of e-commerce. One of the most extraordinary examples of B2C transactions is purchasing and selling goods on the internet. Many companies have virtual storefronts that are the online equivalents of their retail outlets. Some companies have no physical storefronts at all—only websites. Customers browse and buy products with mouse clicks. Today, Amazon.com is the leader of online shopping, it is arguably the greatly popular online shopping destination.

One of the massive growth drivers of e-commerce has been the interfacing of websites with bank accounts—and by extension, credit, debit cards. Today it is feasible to execute the whole procedure of banking operations without touring a bank branch. This makes it simple to pay for products that we purchase online, enabling comfortable electronic payments via credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards, which is efficient.


M-commerce is brief for "mobile commerce." This is greatly a subsection of B2C transactions, but the immediate surge of mobile devices with internet access has opened fresh strategies of e-commerce for retailers and their customers. M-commerce normally involves e-commerce taking place on mobile phones.

One of the greatly popular examples of m-commerce is the system of electronic ticketing. Air tickets, movie tickets, train tickets, sports tickets, tickets to sporting events, can be booked online or through mobile apps. Rather than receiving a paper ticket, customers download an electronic version of the ticket that can be surveyed just like paper tickets.


F-commerce is brief for "Facebook commerce." The distinguished social media site gives a targeted audience to transact business, and numerous small businesses depend more on their social media existence than they do on conventional websites. This category of e-commerce also is a subsection of B2C transactions and approximately related to m-commerce.

Many Facebook users access the site via their phones, and companies repeatedly give links to online purchasing alternatives through their pages and posts. This category of commerce also expands to different social media, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

While B2C transactions get more scrutiny from customers and in the media, B2B transactions depict enormous volume in terms of dollars. For these transactions, both the parties are companies, such as manufacturers, traders, vendors.

Most of these categories of sales are automated. For instance, a manufacturer might require a specific part for its assembly function. Before e-commerce, a person would require to calculate how many parts would be needed over a certain period and order those portions in bulk. Now, such purchasing can be automated. Inventories are traced electronically, and when numbers drop below a specific point, an order is submitted instantly to a supplier.

An additional part of the procedure that can be automated is price tracking. Rates for some products may differ day to day or week to week, so a system can be programmed to buy if the price declines below a certain point. This strategy enables us to keep expenditures low.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

C2C transactions depict a form of barter system. Auction sites are probably the nicest example of C2C e-commerce. Physical auctions predate online auctions, but the internet made auctions susceptible to a huge number of buyers and sellers. Online auctions are a productive mechanism for price discovery. Many customers discover the auction shopping mechanism much more fascinating than traditional storefront shopping.

With Tritan E-commerce's Strength, Creativity, And Usefulness, You Jeopardize Nothing.

Tritan E-commerce crafts a one-of-a-kind eCommerce solution with business power, infinite scalability, and open-source creativity for B2C and B2B experiences. Tritan enables you to establish extraordinary, full-lifecycle consumer encounters proven to induce more exchanges. No matter what your corporation’s size or objectives — omnichannel, global proliferation, mobile — Tritan delivers everything you desire for expansion in an increasingly active market.

Retaining a bulletproof and streamlined e-commerce strategy is significant for the achievement of your online business. We design progressed technology to furnish you with the largely detailed and tailored e-commerce solutions that enable you to accomplish your core business objectives and motives and delivers noble business significance. We aim at numerous e-commerce strategies and enhance easy-to-operate and vastly functional e-commerce stocks that will induce exceptional sales and enhance your modification ratio.

Sending your business online can renovate your commerce with your buyers and encourage you to stay robust. With a prosperous e-commerce solution, you can enhance your customer base, expand your consumer assistance, curtail your operating costs, and establish fresh market chances. You can furthermore discern an improvement in your revenue, create consumer allegiance, and deliver your consumers with an amazing buying experience.

Welcome To Tritan E-commerce, We Are Overwhelmed To See You!

Tritan eCommerce platform bestows you the strength to develop extraordinary, limitless and immersing shopping ordeals while proposing the insurance, achievement and intense benefits of cloud services.

Appreciate prosperous, out-of-the-box details, an unlimited aptitude to customize, an imaginative headless architecture, and seamless third-party integrations. With Tritan E-Commerce, a portion of you is benefited by an established ecosystem of traders, supporters, and skilled developers who will generate your E-commerce conception to existence. It’s the moment to innovate, rank, and accomplish incredible expansion for your minor, medium, or large business.

Tritan E-commerce Order Management

Tritan Order Management

Trading both online and in marts with a capacity to achieve orders from anywhere? An enthusiastic consumer has enthusiasm in your proficiency to provide what they need, where they prefer it. Ship to their home? Of course. Order online 24×7, and pick up in-store? No issue. The consumer can’t discover the item in the stock but the associate finds it at a different area and delivers anywhere from there? All of this is now reasonable with Tritan Order Management.

Glancing to glean more understandings from your customers' E-commerce choices to enable you to develop, convert, and possess additional of them? Get the in-depth insights you desire to take effort Tritan Business Intelligence (BI). Evaluate your prime consumers, products, sales data, and promotions to discover fresh expansion recourses. Share business analytics across your company with even a few clicks.

Tritan Marketplace

Wanting to enhance the E-commerce experience for your customers? We've established the hugest extension marketplace – we are the App store for commerce. From executing fresh payment strategies to attaching with ERP systems, from CRM to marketing assistance to sales tax calculations, our extensions from the promising businesses in the world you to optimize and expand your business and eCommerce website.

  • Delivers a limitless and believed eCommerce solution for any company requirement

  • Tritan Small Business Solutions

  • Tritan E-commerce is an all-in-one solution that provides the strength of Tritan at reasonable rates for small businesses.

  • Accessible monthly subscription

  • Endlessly highly customizable and personalized forum

  • Counted on by the world’s fastest thriving merchant base

  • Enterprise eCommerce & Mid-Market Enterprise Solutions

  • An endlessly customizable platform planned for expansion, from the undisputed global leader incredible commerce solutions.

  • Integrated B2B functionality

  • Cloud-hosted, extensible, and scalable

  • Enterprise-grade achievement

Tritan E-commerce Experience generates together all of your marketing and branding techs in a sole niche, so you can do everything from supervising your content and providing email campaigns to automating your ad buying and assessing your achievement. One integrated strategy for one seamless familiarity.

Tritan successfully incorporates digital and physical shopping experiences, pleasuring clients. In addition to its flagship open-source E-commerce platform, Tritan rambles a powerful portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions encompassing in-store, marketable assistant, and order management technologies.

Comprehended as the steering E-commerce platform. Tritan endeavors hand-in-hand with the world's enormous merchandisers, brands, and branded manufacturers across B2C and B2B eCommerce industries.

Tritan Ecommerce Solutions & Services

Tritan Solutions – Leading eCommerce Solution Providers in India

At Tritan, we incorporate our knowledge and aptitude with Ecommerce design, expansion platforms, Ecommerce SEO, shopping campaigns, analytics, and hosting to distribute a fashionable eCommerce solution that is true for your company.

Prefer Tritan as your Ecommerce Services Company

An acquaintance in providing 100 E-Commerce websites across enterprises Expertise with all outstanding eCommerce development strategies Avg. the gain of 89% in traffic & 65% in exchanges over 6 months Google Premier Partner with discipline in Shopping Campaigns

Prefer Tritan as your Ecommerce Services Company

An acquaintance in providing 100 E-Commerce websites across enterprises Expertise with all outstanding eCommerce development strategies Avg. the gain of 89% in traffic & 65% in exchanges over 6 months Google Premier Partner with discipline in Shopping Campaigns

Steering Online Sales with Custom Made Tritan Ecommerce Solutions!

Ecommerce solutions from Tritan Group encompass every seed in the sand to assure traffic and deals are constantly fulfilling your expansion targets. We deliver eCommerce services for designing, expanding, hosting, marketing, and business analytics, across enterprise verticals around the world. Our IT solutions and assistance can be customized to satisfy the distinct appetites of our customers. On the advent end, you can bank on us to provide extraordinary and powerful aims for your online store, beneficial shopping cart, and steady Payment Getaway integration, all the extent establishing user missions that restore traffic into sales. At the backend, we have the creativity to steer relevant business with Ecommerce SEO & PPC Campaigns.

Tritan delivers customers a broad assortment of e-commerce solutions, Tritan E-commerce Portfolio Includes -

  • Payment Gateway Integration Services

  • Custom e-commerce Website Design Services

  • Shopping Cart Development Services

  • E-commerce Store Customization Services

  • E-commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Services

  • E-commerce App Development Services

  • Responsive e-commerce Website Design Services

  • E-commerce Plugin and Module Development Services

Tritan e-commerce Support and Maintenance Assistance

Retaining the straight e-commerce website maintenance and assistance aids can do admires for your e-commerce store and website. Tritan is a steering e-commerce aid provider in India and empowers a host of e-commerce enterprise solutions, encompassing support and maintenance services. We provide productive and credible e-commerce website and web app maintenance services that assure that your e-commerce website and web app constantly optimally without any snags or complications. We help your brand across a mixture of channels enabling you to quickly boost brand understanding and distinction and steer sales.

Benefits of Investing in Tritan e-commerce Business Solutions

  • Expand your consumer stretch across the world

  • Scale up your online company sooner than you would scale up an offline company

  • Focus extra on your marketing and your core business

  • Reach out to new customers who crave buying products online

  • See a modification in your sales achievement

  • Experience an elevated success rate in your marketing initiatives

  • Benefit from boosted consumer achievement

  • Sell your products/services in a cost-effective means

  • Secure electronic transaction alternatives

  • Fast products e-tailing

  • Real-time data tracking

  • Interactive supervision accentuates

  • Remote management

  • Ready To Get Started? To learn how you can make the most of Tritan E-commerce, request a personal consultation. Schedule a free demo today!

Advantages of E-Commerce for Customers & Businesses

E-commerce is the future, but now it is more than ever before. The world has become a niche of skepticism and social distancing, bringing to light the several e-commerce benefits for businesses and customers. In 2021 we’ve glimpsed a rise in web applications from e-commerce companies that wish to thrive and meet this boosted customer demand.

Growth In E-commerce in 2021

During the first quarter of 2021,e-commerce sales in India thrived from less than 5 percent to more than 15 percent of all retail sales, according to Indian Census Bureau statistics. In total dollars, retail outlets in India made about $123.7 billion worth of online sales during the first quarter of 2021, as compared to about $1.3 trillion worth of total sales. Various surveys projects Tritan e-commerce sales to thrive to almost 14 percent of all U.S. retail sales by 2021.

Why is e-commerce set to prosper in 2021?

E-commerce was thriving predictably up until COVID-19 put it on a halt, stimulating the industry’s development by 4-6 years! The pandemic shone the limelight on the several e-commerce benefits, especially that of convenience. During May alone, during the Coronavirus lockdown, global e-commerce sales rose $82.5 billion, a 77% rise over the last year.

Specialists don’t recognize this as barely a short-term fix for Coronavirus concerns, and it’s been indicated that COVID will boost e-commerce sales by almost 20% over the next year. Coronavirus served as an impetus, stimulating customers into the online shopping digital world, customer behavior that’s likely to resume, even once the Coronavirus ends. More than 50% of online grocery customers state that they’re scheduling on shopping online even after the pandemic.

Top 5 benefits of Tritan e-commerce for customers in 2021
  • Lower prices : The lower expenses of operating an Tritan e-commerce shop versus a physical store translate to cost savings for the customer. This is one of the tremendous Tritan e-commerce benefits. Online prices are commonly lower than conventional shop rates, and Tritan e-commerce sites can give extra discounts and promotions that are lenient to claim.

  • Effective and prudent : Do Shopping when you need from where you wish is far desirable (and wholly safe and comfortable ) than heading out in this COVID pandemic we’re now living in. Coronavirus aside, there’s moreover something to be explained about shopping from the comfort of your bedroom, without having to plan out, wait in long lines, combat cold weather, and all the additional challenges that come along with the physical shopping experience.

  • Vast products are available online on Tritan e-commerce : In the global marketplace that is the internet, customers can purchase IT, electronics from China, publications from England, clothing from Paris, and promising old US products all from the convenience of home. The width and profundity of products sold online are indomitable.

  • More conscious decision-making : Information is precisely at your fingertips when you are shopping online, Information such as :

    • Reviews from real shoppers – this is perhaps helpful.

    • Product descriptions

    • videos

    • Product guides

    • Social validation

    Tritan E-commerce shopping is one of the top advantages of e-commerce to customers, who can skillfully distinguish products, brands, and websites with even side-by-side comparison is also possible. Many brand comparison shopping sites survive with the exclusive objective of facilitating customers to distinguish products side-by-side based on cost and discount metrics.

  • Saves time : In a digital period where time is a precious commodity, shopping online gives enormous time savings to the customer. No need to move out, shop in-store, wait in a long line, and then drive back home when you can access an excellent quality of products and many varieties at a lower rate from the convenience of home.

Social influence of Tritan e-commerce can be assessed by customer satisfaction and confidence through the following factors:

  • The advancement in the number of Internet users has also directed to a significant expansion in other digital enterprises such as e-commerce, mobile commerce, and digital advertisement.

  • The government of India has taken several steps in the education system through the execution of computer tools and systems, crucial for all academic levels, from elementary education to higher studies.

  • Students from metropolitan and rural areas were sensitized by providing personal computers, laptops, tablets, or laptops with the usage of the Internet, and students were taught the benefits to enhance lifestyle and give electronic books and e-books.

  • Reach out to new customers who crave buying products online

  • Entrepreneurs are moreover captivated by progressed computer technologies and their efficacy for electronic commerce.

  • The advancement of educational standards at all levels has enabled a huge demand for electronic commerce and m-commerce in the market.

  • As online shopping gives to give some discounts and desirable prices. This, along with great offers, has brought modifications to the purchasing patterns of online shoppers.

The fundamental advantage of shopping online or selling online is that at no time one can understand the aspects of the brand commodity you wish to purchase and you can moreover distinguish the quality and its traits with another competitive brand accessible in the market along with the feedbacks of other customers.

Facebook, Quicker, Snapdeal, Amazon, Pinterest, and Instagram enable shoppers to oversee their favorite products and to share with other people around the world. Thus, society and groups of people or communities can be associated jointly to share their points of view and notions about a particular brand.

E-commerce eradicates the necessity for physical stores and enables digital brands to broaden their customer base. On top of removing the possibility of long lines, e-commerce sites give a huge benefit to both shoppers and stores that aren't located in crucial metropolitan areas. Even if you are located in a large city, e-commerce opens up new markets, facilitating you to develop a fresh digital business prototype geared toward your broadening consumer base digitally . Many e-commerce companies have attained success while developing e-commerce Search Engine Optimization, which steers more traffic to the site .

Advantages of Tritan e-commerce for business in 2021
  • Lower costs : Going online eradicates the necessity for a physical storefront, which means lower fixed costs for the company. Also, since most Tritan e-commerce brands are automated, fewer staff members are employed. Marketing an Tritan e-commerce store, by utilizing Google Adwords, Tritan e-commerce Facebook advertisement, and social media marketing, for instance, is much more cost-effective than promoting your brand offline. This is one of the crucial advantages of Tritan e-commerce for companies.

  • Customer data : Selling products online gives the retailer access to a goldmine of shoppers data that is just not available through brick-and-mortar retailing. Not only do online shoppers normally give their name, email address, and phone number when checking out or enrolling on a site, but they moreover give deep insight into customer behavior and demographic data, accessible through Google Analytics, that can enable online retailers to optimize the shopper's digital journey and market more effectively and precisely.

    E-tailers are furthermore able to facilitate and retarget shoppers specifically, based on their choices in brand products. For instance, utilizing data insights, an online retailer can email potential shoppers who have abandoned their shopping carts, alerting and reminding them to check out their purchase, and can even utilize retargeting advertising to nurture hot leads that have not yet purchased the brand products.

  • Larger shopper base on Tritan E-commerce portals : With Tritan e-commerce, geographical barriers become insignificant. You could trade your brand products to online shoppers across the country or even across the world. You’re not restricted to shoppers in your physical location. The internet also opens up your retail store to numerous niche audiences that you wouldn’t have access to. By utilizing numerous online touchpoints, you can access shoppers from all aspects by going where they already are, such as social media, Facebook, forums, and Google search.

  • Open always (24×7) : When you trade online, your digital business website is open 24/7/365. Even though your customer support may be snoozing, automation ensures that the remaining of the sales procedure is constantly flowing and customers can purchase on any day, at any time.

  • Manageable to scale up and revamp your Tritan E-commerce business : Scaling up or expanding your physical store needs more floor space (and the expenditure that comes with it!), workers, and shelf space. In contrast, it’s very easy to develop an online store, which is one of the less noticeable advantages of Tritan e-commerce for companies.

    All you require is more inventory, a few digital tweaks, and perhaps extra storage space, which is far less expensive than storefront space. Being online also eradicates the necessity for opening a new store in another location as you’re already within the spread of a global marketplace.

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