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MLM Software

Tritan is indisputably a leading brand and embodiment in delivering modest & cost-effective multi-Level Marketing(MLM) software across the world. Make your MLM Business robust and reliable with actionable MLM toolkits from Tritan.

Tritan creative and vigorous data-driven online MLM software system enables your business to discover key insights for farseeing and foresighted decision-making strategy. Your business gains promising insights into how your MLM business is accomplishing at a global level. Tritan offers MLM(Multi-LevelMarketing) Software Customization without limits!

Comprehend how your MLM business is performing with Tritan MLM

Pull-in operational data for a complete view of your business. Tritan MLM Software’s Business dashboard helps our clients to make informed actions based on significant insights.

MLM (Multi-LevelMarketing) software solutions offered by Tritan Solutions :

  • Uni-Level/Level Plan

  • Binary Plan

  • Matrix Plan

  • Generation Plan

  • Re-purchase Plan

  • Hybrid Plan

  • Differential Plan

  • Stair-step/Orbit Plan

We know that software is the backbone of almost every online business today. Your software will speak about your company on your behalf. So, always make sure you spend a sufficient amount of resources and time while buying or creating software.

Whether you're a startup, small scale, or large scale network operating MLM business, we have encircled nearly everything you'll desire to run your MLM business online. In 2021, We're the greatly and extensively established MLM Business Software provider with a global presence in 90+ countries.

Tritan MLM software offers our customers with

  • 24×7 queries support!

  • We provide 24X7 support for our MLM Software customers. We are always available for our clients and customers

  • Highly extensible MLM Software

  • Clean and easy to use Interface & MLM Software

  • Mobile friendly designed MLM Software

  • Adjustable and adaptable to integrate with numerous platforms

  • MLM software designed with manageable navigation

  • Enhanced and boosted page speed

  • MLM Software dynamic compression system

  • MLM Software with backend caching technology

What is extraordinary about Tritan MLM (Multi-LevelMarketing) software -

  • Tritan is undoubtedly an evangelist when it comes to software solutions. Experienced, Effective, and Efficient in MLM Software Development across the Globe.

  • Abundance of Expertise in MLM Business Plans.

  • Possess a strong in-house development team of skilled professionals with decades of experience.

  • Tritan offers a decent and most reasonable Pricing Policy in MLM Business.

  • vigorous and instantaneous Delivery of MLM software.

  • 100% seamlessly customized executions for our MLM business clients.


Before launching an MLM Company or planning one, it is suggested for all MLM aspirants to study and comprehend crucial things which will be required to operate an MLM business successfully. MLM Software is one and perhaps the initial thing on this list. Without promising MLM Software, no business can withstand or prosper.

MLM software is software that oversees numerous tasks of MLM Company from enlisting any affiliate to pay out of commission. It is the software that is designed to deliver ease to MLM organization in its usual tasks by automating it rather than doing it manually.

In any MLM company, specific tasks are generalized tasks for every business and which are repetitious, for instance, enroll a new member, organize a payout of commissions or recognize new members enlisted by any existing members.

If an organization strives to do these tasks manually, it makes their work tough and it can be tough to deal with a load of this much crucial but similar and repetitious task. MLM Software is planned to do these tasks for the business and deliver the ease of working so that they can concentrate more on their core work, which is Marketing or selling, and not worry about doing these tasks manually.


MLM Software is planned to deliver comfort in tasks that are crucial but repetitious so that it doesn't require to be done manually every time. So it does all the tasks which are crucial and repetitious.

Features of MLM Software

  • Enroll new users or members.

  • Maintain their subjective data like Name, Address, Birth Date, Age, Contact, City, State, etc.

  • Maintain data of deals developed by any member.

  • Positioning of members in-network i.e genealogy.

  • Generate payout of commission for the sales committee.

  • Maintain different data about their taxation, level fulfilled by them or their accomplishments of any outstanding reward, their account, data of product shipment, their pin management, etc.

MLM Software does these typical tasks for the organization rather than the organization doing it manually all the time and conserves time, energy, and thus the executives can easily concentrate for MLM company or authorities.


As we have comprehended earlier that MLM is planned to give ease in repetitious tasks of any MLM organization, so the organization doesn't require to do it manually all the time.

In MLM Company, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. And as the word comprises marketing, the core and most crucial task of any MLM organization is marketing. If the company will try to supervise the repetitive tasks listed above manually, it will be hard for them to focus on their fundamental function.

MLM firms can retain all the crucial records about their company like sales generated, commission distributed, etc online so that all this data can be valuable to them whenever they need it and they can evaluate the development of the business which moreover can enable them to define forthcoming strategies of their company.

MLM Software 3 crucial roles-

  • Each MLM Software is unique according to the business plan

    However, some common characteristics are must-have characteristics in every MLM Software. Before deciding or contacting any MLM Software provider, try and glance for these attributes in the software that will be delivered to you.

    • Website

      Home Page, Company Details (About us, Vision/Mission), Achiever list, Business Plan, Product/Package Details, Section for Legal documents of the organization, Contact Us, FAQs or Terms & Conditions, Members Log in, Register Now/Join Now, Retrieve Password, section to submit grievances.

    • Member Panel

      Profile, Change Password, Business Overview, Income details, Downline details, Account Statement, a category with a compilation of documents like Receipt, Welcome Letter, TDS Report (for India only), Package Dispatch Details, Write to Company / Generate Ticket (Queries, Problems, Suggestions)

    • Admin Panel

      Utility sections from where Admin can modify/edit/change content of different parts like news, welcome letter, Passwords, Photos, Product details, Pin management section, Report section which comprises of Registration Report, Pin Report, Company Fund, a section from where Payout can be produced and payout report can be used, Support section for Queries | Problems | Suggestions.

      Tritan Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the esteemed IT organization which create all types of MLM Business Plan software for the expansion and growth of MLM businesses according to the necessities and requirements of the customers giving unmatched quality to enhance efficiencies and will always support to thrive the businesses of our customers across the world. With intense domain understanding and skill pool, we value our clients through performance, understanding, and dexterity.


Tritan Solutions Pvt Ltd has received plenties of in MLM projects, as we distributed compact and creative MLM Business Plan software.

We comprehend the usages and needs of the customers and design and create MLM Software precisely. By choosing a top-class business plan for multilevel marketing you can reap huge wealth.

This is one of the powerful network marketing business plans for the partners who invest wealth. We can effortlessly develop more and more wealth in a twisting way, we can say this is the technique of investing your wealth for once. We should be very careful while investing cash in the business plan because all these are not stable and reliable sometimes.

Tritan Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the most promising MLM software companies in Delhi that creates and integrates software for this business plan. We create software and provide security that the members will get a comprehensive return on investment through our MLM software.


Tritan Solutions provider has been delivering MLM software with numerous plans to startups and industries. We have been creating the most promising quality MLM for corporations across the world. Tritan Solutions MLM software development company in Delhi has seen a surge with numerous cloud mining projects introducing their platforms through this business prototype.

What reliable is MLM Software in 2021?

MLM Software refers to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) In which an admin user can oversee a network, its users, and allowance plan. MLM Software moreover files its end users in the network, capacity to watch their network (teammates ) income, and their credit earned, and payoffs. In brief, our MLM software will be able to do the whole trade and track the procedure and expansion through the MLM Software, like new user registration, transactions product purchasing, etc.

They are numerous MLM plans

  • Binary MLM Plans

  • Matrix MLM plans

  • Board MLM plans

  • Unilevel MLM plans

  • Party MLM plans

  • Grift MLM plans

  • Hybrid MLM plans

  • Australian Binary MLM plans

  • Generation MLM plans

  • Stair Step MLM plans

  • Monoline MLM plans

  • Spillover Binary MLM plans

  • Crowd Funding Plans


In the technology-driven modern era, utilizing technologies is a crucial aspect of every field. The usage of technology in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) enables you to dwell ahead of the competition. Multi-Level Marketing Software is such a progressive marketing management tool that serves Network Marketing businesses.

The usage of Network Marketing Software is a profitable alternative for the conventional ways of Multi-Level Marketing. MLM Software Solution creates the working of an MLM company manageable and precise. To understand more benefits of MLM Software read the detailed blog-


  • MLM Software is a creative way to regulate your MLM business.

  • It administers as a cost-effective tool to make extra revenue.

  • Going along with the technological growths, keeps your business revamped.


MLM Software is cost-efficient and adaptable. MLM Software enables you to make the absolute output from the input. It decreases all unnecessary hardware and enables to cut down the operation costs. This is moreover scalable, enabling numerous types of MLM businesses to utilize customized software that fulfills their demands.

  • Advantage of increased safety and backup :

    MLM software is highly responsible for data handling. Your accounts, data, and all data regarding the members are protected with great security. It moreover has a promising backup system that stocks all essential data. Privacy is furthermore a significant characteristic of Network Marketing Software.

  • Super time saver :

    The greatly significant usage of MLM Software is that it protects a lot of time. It organizes all the accounts at an enhanced rate. It moreover encourages task scheduling which absorbs a lot of time when done manually. The automated MLM tools decrease manual labor and perform things with no waste of time. Network Marketing Script moreover gives 24*7 services and therefore facilitates your company.

  • Training through MLM Software :

    Giving training to the members is a crucial aspect of MLM business. It is tough for businesses to deliver personal training to each member. Here the MLM Software puts forward a solution. It makes room for corporations to educate their members. The training materials can be uploaded as a file, a document that can be accessed by the members.

  • MLM Software is sharp and simple to update :

    Being updated is crucial to endure in the business field. Therefore accommodating modifications in the software is moreover a crucial task to achieve in MLM business. We can rapidly and easily adapt to Multi-Level Marketing Software based on our desires.

  • Productive management of resources :

    Productive management of resources is extremely critical in MLM. Products are the fundamental resources in MLM. Therefore the productive management of these resources is key to the achievement of the company. MLM script has creative inventory management features and therefore benefits the productive operations of the business.

  • Replacement of conventional MLM strategies :

    MLM Software is an alternate of conventional policies that were mainly manual and implicated a lot of time and energy. This is a creative way of accomplishing things with low cost and low maintenance charges.

  • MLM Script is user-friendly :

    MLM Software is user-friendly, even teammates who are not adequately qualified for technological growth can utilize this software. The user interface is very simple to comprehend and the operations are manageable to deal with.

  • Space for numerous compensation plans :

    MLM Software gives space for numerous compensation plans. It comprises of Matrix, Forced Matrix, Binary, Uni-Level, Helping, Investment, Board Plan, and more. You can either select one or customize a strategy according to your preferences.

  • Customized solutions for various dilemmas :

    While operating a company it is normal to have difficulties. Finding explanations for each one of the difficulties takes time and needs much scrutiny. But the MLM Scripts makes it simple for you. It assists you with customized solutions for every requirement. The productive management of the business by dealing with all the crucial data and promoting promising strategic planning is the greatest crucial aspect of Network Marketing Software.

  • Automatic tax calculation :

    This is another crucial advantage of MLM Management Software that adds to the genuineness and transparency of your corporation. Tax is a crucial aspect that improves the trustworthiness of the corporation. Thus this aspect enables the corporation to make a niche for itself in the market.

  • Handling of commission :

    MLM Software effectively deals with all the commissions and transactions. Regular transfer of commission will motivate the MLM marketers and thus will help in the company's development.

  • Showcases products and plans :

    MLM Software contains entire information about the products and strategies. This enables the marketing of the products and the agendas effortlessly. It is furthermore crucial to have all the essential data about the products and agendas to make delightful sales. MLM Software provides all this data at the ease of your fingertips.

    These are the crucial benefits of MLM Software. It is obvious from these points that MLM Software enables you to operate your Multi-Level Marketing smoothly and efficiently in a progressive way. It stimulates the sales of products and services and enables you in the productive handling of all crucial data required. Ultimately, all these leading strategies to the high earnings of the MLM company.


Tritan MLM is a company of creative, young, and enthusiastic professionals who specializes in numerous MLM business software plans. Tritan Solutions MLM is the ultimate Software Provider in Delhi.

The binary compensation plan is one of the most popular plans amongst all MLM companies. In Binary MLM Plan, each member needs to recruit or sponsor two other members. This Plan is a very fast expansion of the network in the MLM industry. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Due to fast payouts, this plan is most preferred
  • You can also choose auto spill functionality
  • Different bonus options like refferaleral bonus, pair bonus etc


Matrix plan or Ladder plan is a pattern in fixed width and depth. The member who joins into the matrix plan gets compensated with they appoint a new member as distributor according to the level set. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • When downline works, upline gets benefits
  • Easy to understand and email interests to colleagues
  • The width can be extended as per MLM Company


One of the most significant benefits we have in level plan is about simplicity. Networker or MLM company can explain this plan easily to their customer. There is no restriction to the width, i.e. member can add unlimited members in width under his/her downline. Generally, companies provide excellent rewards and awards in this Level plan to boost up their sales. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • It's very easy to understand and implement
  • No Restrictions on width expansion
  • Many network companies currently run these Plans


Generation plan is straightforward to implement, and it's user-friendly. In this MLM, users can easily view and manage their network. In this generation plan, you can manage branches, franchisees etc. There are many features like ecommerce shopping cart, payment gateway etc. to boose up your sales. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Easy to manage and implement in MLM Software
  • The network can be seen and managed easily/li>
  • Full-blown features are available to manage branches


Repurchase plan needs more advanced features of ecommerce where customer joins the system gets benefits in the form of rewards on every repurchase. In this plan, there is a detailed report required for managing Purchase, Sales, Inventory and finance. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Integrated with Ecommerce Solution
  • Integrated with ERP Solution
  • User-friendly and easy to understand


Crowdfunding is the most popular and increasing lot of interest in network users. This needs a group of people who are looking to get help from their friend's relatives. They need to help with a small amount and get help in return. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Fast and growing rapidly
  • help others and get help from others is the key concept
  • Easy to understand and implement


Donation or help is most popular and increasing lot of interest in network users. This needs a group of people who are looking to get help from their friend's relatives. They need to help with a small amount and get help in return. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Fast and growing rapidly
  • help others and get help from others is the key concept
  • Easy to understand and implement


Try a free Tritan MLM software demo for your MLM business plan or get a quote now! Call us today for a free demo!