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Android App Development.

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Ever since the first Homo Erectus first appeared on earth 1.7 billion years ago, since then humanity as evolved itself accordingly to the changes of the environment, natural forces but more importantly according to the demands of the Mankind Revolution. Man, with its ardent desire to innovate, thrive, survive has sometimes gone against nature too, In his Quest for more comfort and more aspirations, Mankind has always surpassed its own threshold also.
Then Came the insurgent Computer age. the father of Computer Sir Charles Babbage gave the world it's the first Computer and rest is history. The first Digital Revolution which began with the Development of 'Worldwide Web' by "Tim Berners lee " proved to be a masterstroke and then came the birth of SMARTPHONES. It is a famous quote that necessity if the Mother of all inventions.
With the onset of the digital revolution, there came an ardent need to shrink websites in miniature forms for it's more understandable usage and efficiency.
Thus what came to be introduced as Application or App came into effect and rest is History! Applications can rightly divide into its types example whether the app is iOS, Android, Hybrid etc.

If you want to scale your brand and give it a competitive edge over your competitors, then Android Application is the right option for your business needs. Having a mobile application like an Android allows you to have a wider panoramic exposure to the target audience. The market has moved from malls and plazas to the smartphone in your hand with just a swipe away. Mobile apps are the new pamphlets and catalogues. You are not only saving trees but also cutting down on cost and expanding your market outreach. We will help you to not only develop your app but also make an application that stands out from other shoddy apps on the play store with much ease and stellar performance.
Tritan is an expert in its field. Compatibility ofthe app with different platform Images, text, videos, etc could be uploaded with Support system available Hence, to sum up,Everything is possible with Tritan Mobile App Solution.

Services Includes:

  • Android Consulting
  • Android App UX/UI Design
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android App Modernization
  • Google Play Deployment
  • Android App Test Automation
  • Support and Maintenance
  • End-To-End Service
Why We?

Strong Experience in developing great UX?UI interface for Android App Development and mobile apps for easy process.


Feature-rich Android App Development which cover all key retail functions, including Run Loyalty Program, Mobile Payment Integration, Intergrate Analytics, Support for Sales etc.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We providing you with optimal solutions which will fit as per your business requirement.

Our Offshore Android app programmers provide end-to-end mobility solutions to businesses in diverse industry verticals. Our remote Android app developers build scalable, innovative, fully-functional app solutions optimally customized to provide a unique competitive edge to your business.

Our select services include:
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Wearable Applications
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • AR/VR Mobile Apps
  • Android App Consultation
  • Maintenance and Support

We have our own dedicated hosting servers which gives the best performance in managing the internet traffic.

Our select services include:
  • Four cores Processors
  • 12 GB RAM (guaranteed)
  • 300 GB SSD Drives
  • 100 Mbit/s unlimitted Traffic
  • Windows 2012 servers
  • DDOS protection

We have a dedicated team of support and maintenance for all websites. We ensure customers get the best world class customer experience from our vast variety of services.

Our select services include:
  • Dedicated Customer Care
  • Helpline for Calls
  • Android Apps Maintenance
  • Changes as per requirement
  • Custom Development
  • Qualified Engineers

We have tried to keep our pricing competitive and affordable as per the customers need and requirements. Please give us a chance to quote best pricing

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The insurgency of Android Application in Today's Business world!

Digital Media, Social Media, Virtual world have completely changed the paradigm of human interaction. The business, organization, industries today generate Millions of Dollars while selling their brand on a simple Android Application as crystal clear in the case of e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Groffers, etc.
There is hardly any E-commerce company who doesn't have their applications on google play store, Also, In most of the Democracies of the world, the government has now initiated to launch an app of there various ministries in order to provide their people about every bit of information as to what their government is doing for there people. To ensure greater accountability and transparency among there country Android-based applications are deployed on large scale.
No one has time to move out and shop when everything is just a click away at the comfort of your home. It's much better not to endorse your Brand an application than on a local shop with limited gathering.
No doubt, Organizations today are leveraging this Digital Revolution to expand and upgrade their customer interaction via deploying Android Mobile App development. Also, they are not shying to spend a buck on hiring agencies to develop Android applications for them as they have long time thinking to generate revenues and scale their businesses and are not shying away from taking the risk in this burgeoning demand of Innovative Digital Revolution.

We often must have thought about how beneficial and efficient ios applications of Apple Incorporation are, as compared to Android application, We then allow me to Burst the bubbles of my Readers. Here are the most distinguished Merits and Demerits of Android and iOS listed applications.

Android and iOS listed applications :

  1. Android applications are highly approved by google play store and can easily be deployed within a day required if all the protocols are followed by the organizations in accordance with the rules and regulations of Google play store.

  2. Whereas when we talk about iOS applications, the process of securing permission or approval from Apple Incorporation is way difficult and usually requires a lot of procedure.

  3. Android apps are easier to operate and more magnanimously efficient even for a beginner. Whereas the IOS apps are far less efficient and cost can even go high for their deployment it can even exceed the budget of the organization.

  4. Android apps boost numerous power of innovation and animation, One can easily edit, remove, add, or make necessary changes in the app in accordance with one's needs. Whereas in IOS apps you have to submit update requests and sometimes go through cumbersome procedures.

  5. Android app are easily affordable and have easy availability of Android SDK.

Conclusion :

We have now reached a stage where I have presented a crystal clear picture for my dear Readers about the Importance of Android mobile Application and It's development. After heavily emphasizing on the need of the hour of the Digital Revolution, Android apps act as a panacea for all Business Transformations.

We at Tritan Solutions India Private Limited started in 2013 in Danville ( California) furnish you a 15X velocity which helps you to commence your Digital Transformation jaunt. We are a Delhi based conglomerate company from Web Designing to Mobile App solutions from Business exploration to financial recommendation you name it and Tritan will give it. Our charges and packages are designed in such a way that comes at the comfort and within the Budget of the company. The final payment has to be made once the product has been delivered to our esteemed clients although a token amount has to be given in the beginning to ensure word of mouth and Business ethics.

Tritan solutions also deliver extraordinary business solutions, financial, and industry communication.

With over a decade, long experience in Software Industry, We have a global presence and are clients monopolize from around the corner in their respective business acumen from Malaysia, UK, Thailand, UAE, Russia to name a few.

We pledge to deliver the best Android mobile Application Development and prepare you to build your organization to the highest echelon.


Answer: confusion is normal. small businesses generally do not have field experts which makes e-commerce a little challenging. the competition is already hitting the peak. that's why it is necessary that you only trust experts in the industry. and where else will you find the best all-in-one e-commerce solution that delivers the power of online shopping cart integrated with MLM and ERP Software at affordable prices i.e. 4999 pm only.

Answer: Tritan solution is a brand. we offer world-class services and that too at an affordable price. you just have to sit and relax. just watch your business grow. your needs essential or custom will be delivered to you in time.

Software Development Company in Delhi India : Cloud based ERP software provides really a best and cost effective way to the organization. This can even be benefited by small companies not able to afford expensive software and expensive infrastructure. Cloud based ERP software gives lot of benefits like timely backups, 99.9% availability, secured environment from hacking, accessibility from any time anywhere etc. we as software development company recommends our customers to use only cloud based erp software so that they get all these benefits right at the start up or early stage. Cloud based erp software definitely helps business to grow faster and in control.

Software Development Company in Delhi India : Costs depend after whether you need a basic website with just one or two pages, or a full fledged complex website. It hinges after how complex your solution is and the technologies required. Obviously a fundamental website will be less expensive than a database driven e-commerce solution. Please feel free to look for a accountability.