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Dental CRM software facilitates information exchange between a dentist and a patient, strengthens communication and build harmonious and trustworthy relationship.


Dental CRM Software

Put your team in comprehensive supervision of every lead that comes into your clinic. Each point of contact, from inquiry to appointment and follow-up – all in one place. Complete Supervision, convenience, and seamless accessibility.

Every Dentist Faces These problems – Tritan CRM Makes Them Go Away

Stagnant Response

Your team is occupied running the best dental clinic they can. They haven’t often got time to scrutinize every inquiry and reply at speed. Tritan CRM dental management system will make sure prospective patients hear back from you rapidly.

Time-Consuming Procedures

Your staff needs to focus on patients, but they discover themselves having to spend time chasing inquiries, tracking meetings, sending reminders, and different clerical tasks. Our prominent dental management system streamlines every method and frees up time for the industry of caring for patients.

Set The Standard - Marketing that isn’t adapted

Some patients are glancing for pain relief. Some patients want a fast check-up. A few are after a dazzling body makeover. The difference is enormous, and it’s hard to fit responses by the nature of random leads that come at your dental clinics. The information compiled by Tritan dental CRM allows you to build particular marketing content aimed at key prospective patients.

No 360 View Of The Patient

When a patient comes to you with different problems and is treated by a hygienist one week, the dentist a few weeks later and a cosmetic expert after that – it’s tough to build a full-spectrum image of their requirements and treatment journey. Tritan CRM solution puts every bit of data at your fingertips in one place.

Poor Access

Ease of access and clarity are the keys to a system that functions for your dental team. Every member can get on board and make usage of the many Tritan CRM  features without training. The intuitive user interface makes it sharp and simple to analyze and make the most of the features on the offer of our CRM software solutions.

Why Tritan CRM is the excellent choice for your dental business

The foundations of our dental clinic management system are flexibility and ease of usage. You set the parameters to develop a system that’s modified for your company. Whether you have one clinic with 2 seats or locations across the UK, you can utilize Tritan CRM to handle every inquiry, follow up every lead, and facilitate your procedures. Your team is free to focus on the significant work of caring for patients. Get in touch with us for a free demo of the CRM  system – a member of our Tritan Solutions team will be delighted to talk you through the characteristics and demonstrate to you how CRM could revolutionize the way your clinic operates.

Why Tritan CRM  - The remarkable Tritan CRM features your dental clinic requires.

The Panoramic  Picture

The Panoramic picture of every patient – from inquiry to booking – is compiled and illustrated in one place. You set the criteria for the things that influence your clinic. Go from numerous locations and the full spectrum of treatments, to finance packages and inquiry status. You can even modify alerts if your team doesn’t respond to an inquiry on time, or they need to chase up a certain payment. In modest terms – create the dental software you’ve always desired.


Remaking the way you do business which is usually complex.  Tritan CRM will walk you through the characteristics when you get in touch and every member of your dental clinic team will comprehend our CRM solution with minimal training. You’ll soon be utilizing their input to grasp the standards to reflect day-to-day life in your clinic.


Tritan dental CRM can be incorporated with your online forms and digital marketing campaigns. This implies that every lead generated – no matter where it comes from – is fed into the main system, becoming part of a seamless procedure. Real-time alerts/notifications mean you’ll never skip a potential lead again.


Targeted marketing

The stacks of data compiled by Tritan CRM will facilitate you to develop carefully targeted marketing. Rather than tossing everything out there and dreaming it will work, your dental team will be able to comprehend the nature of your inquiries and the sales cycle to enhance your follow-up and treatment protocols.


Set your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to assure you’re team is providing the service your customers prefer. Notifications allow you to realizer if a patient inquiry hasn’t been resolved in time, or follow-up contact made. In the longer duration, reports on SLAs paint an image of how efficiently your team is functioning.


Dental CRM

We have plenty of clients in the Dental business, mainly dealing with patients and practice management. As we encourage them to implement and regulate their CRM environments, we have become very well introduced with Dental (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the problems it can surface to anyone attempting to manage a system where Dental HIPAA regulations apply.

Data Security

This heightened desire for a digital landscape, still, comes with a boosted desire for the security of protected health information (PHI). So you have to be sure you've got a Dental-compliant customer relationship management (CRM) system, so your clients data is as much  protected  as possible.


Tritan Solutions Clinical Healthcare CRM

A CRM that is created exclusively for the healthcare industry takes into account the extraordinary requirements of healthcare companies. Instead of charging extra fees for fundamental features that healthcare companies require, a healthcare-specific CRM is built from the ground up to rapidly ingest and organize both clinical and business data so that all stakeholders gain an extensive view of each provider and patient relationship.

A healthcare-specific CRM fosters prompt activation than generic CRMs– weeks rather of years – and can make a nearly abrupt influence upon significant initiatives such as blood & test utilization, quality supervision, and sales and customer outreach growth.


·         Collaboration Capabilities: Emails, texts, and calls are all connected to cases and activities in the CRM and can be tracked in a steady  Dental-compliant manner.

·          Live Analytics: Real-time dashboards and reports provide executives a holistic, 360-degree perspective into operations and enable leaders to stay on top of crucial metrics and issues.


The customer relationship management (CRM) market could be worth $317 billion by 2025 according to analysis. While retail and business services still utilize this technology the most, CRM is gaining momentum in the dental industry as various practitioners replace bulky paper logbooks for computerized systems that nicely capture patient data and manage customer payments.

Here are 3  ways by which  CRM solution enables effective coordination among patient and dentist clinic.


1. CRM Enhances  Dentist-Patient Communications

·         CRM software promotes information exchange between a dentist and a patient and strengthens communication. Dental practice faculty can send newsletters and appointment reminders/alerts to patients and set up computerized email sequences that compile customer data and payment details. Information about a coming-up procedure — such as how to prepare for a tooth extraction or cavity filling or any other cosmetic surgery  — can furthermore be sent to patients via CRM. Patients will be familiar with a procedure before they call the dentist, thus enhancing workflow for staff.


·         Outbound communication channels can be modified to suit the demands of a dental practice. For instance, quick-response communication channels, such as SMS and email, can be automated so that patients receive a reminder of an upcoming appointment, decreasing the requirement for patients to call the clinic and book appointments Patients can even click on a link in an email to confirm an appointment or procedure.

2. CRM Lessons  Staff Workloads

·         The nationwide government has anticipated that 15,600 full-time equivalent dentists are required by 2025 to overcome the national deficit of dentists. As the “dentist deficits " rises, the common public has to rely on administrative assistants to maintain dental records, pull up health records, and carry out billing and insurance responsibilities.



·         A promising CRM solution system can decrease the workload, giving admin staff tools that aid payment management. Staff can automate payment reminders/notifications after a patient has finalized a technique and set up triggers that produce further correspondence if a patient fails to make payment of the services taken.


·         Dental administrative staff frequently have massive workloads, particularly if a practice is short-staffed. CRM decreases staff’s workloads by allowing patients to make appointments online with a click of a button. A dental practice will be informed once a patient has requested an appointment and can acknowledge a request rapidly.


·         CRM moreover automates patient recall: Staff can send out notifications/alerts via mail, SMS, or email when a patient fails to turn up for a paid appointment. Dental CRM will be able to convey with inactive patients and retain clients who have “dropped off the radar.”

3. CRM Helps Alleviate Patients’ Anxieties

·         Research indicates that up to 13 percent of the population have dental fear, a neurosis that can deter people from requesting an appointment or having critical surgery. While CRM can’t decrease the psychological factors of a phobia, the technology enables patients to prepare for a visit to the dentist and to make them feel at their comfort.


·         Dental clinic Staff can set up triggers so that e-brochures, with tips on how to decrease distress, are automatically sent to a patient via mail or email before a specific procedure. Digital leaflets can furthermore be transmitted to patients who request information about how to keep their teeth healthful. Patients familiar with this information are less likely to ask a dentist in person during their appointment, decreasing waiting times for other clients.


·         More dental clinics across India are utilizing Tritan CRM software to give better care to patients and facilitate laborious tasks that restrict productivity. CRM can be incorporated with existing practice management software to make patients feel more at comfort, increase patient-practitioner communication, and decrease staff workload.



The outline of Dental CRM  given by Tritan CRM makes it possible to maximize the number of potential leads you follow up and supervise yourpatientinteractionsinoneplaceviaasimpletousedentalCRMplatform.Contactustodayand our team will indicate precisely how you can tailor Tritan Solutions to enable genuine, flawless alliance within your dental clinic.


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