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15 Shocking MLM Statistics No One Ever Tells You

Multilevel Marketing is a legitimate and legal way to make money. ... along the way, as well as in-depth MLM industry facts. ... 95% of people quit within ten years.




Are you planning to discern the facts about Network Marketing so you can eventually enroll in an MLM company and begin working on your own  MLM  business? Amazing! You are in the right place. Perhaps you are here to discover more if Network Marketing is a fit for you or not… isn’t it? So, in this blog post, I am about to share with you 15 Shocking Facts About Network Marketing you possibly never understood existed (or probably most of them).


You can also check out these MLM statistics here and use them as a resource.


·         MLMs can only be done successfully by highly self-motivated individuals. If you evaluate them utilizing pessimistic, hard facts (like their revenues, disclosure statements) they just don’t make sense as a workable business proposition.

·         This is why MLM Marketers so frequently utilize emotion and deflection to shut down any assertion. Just try to have an open, candid discussion with someone in an MLM, or the MLM themselves and you’ll find out how tough it is to get facts out of them!

·         Certainly, we do not dispute that if you show this to a friend in an MLM they’ll ignore it as lies, rubbish, or negativity. But ask them to factually refute each point and they won’t be prepared to do so. They’ll tell you how incredible their own experience is, or that their MLM is unique. But it’s not.

·         In weighing up who may be saying the truth just remember this: there is no economic or another reason for us to lie to you about MLMs. The opposite is true; we have turned down requests to promote MLMs for money. Nonetheless, any MLM rep or the organization themselves will financially profit from convincing you that their products or business opportunity are factual.

Network Marketing Industry Statistics


The network marketing enterprise has been one of the most effective enterprises around the globe in terms of membership for various decades. From cookware to jewelry to makeup, there are some very typical brand names in this industry. Almost every home has at least one product or obtaining a service from the network marketing industry.


Fascinating Network Marketing Industry Facts

·         23% of the companies in the network marketing industry lay stress on health and wellness.

·         Some people see employment in these fields as a scam or a rapid means to lose money, but there are millions of workers worldwide that use this MLM business as their sole source of revenue. In 2010, this industry produced over $280 billion in direct sales! To win in this industry, you must be ready to sell products invariably and be reasonably good at doing it.


3 Essential Statistics to Consider

1. Someone planes to launch a home-based business that is based on network marketing principles every 30 seconds around the globe today.

2. Networking marketing companies that are based out of a home have an 80% bigger chance of success than different conventional small companies.

3. About 28 million people work at least part-time out of their home utilizing industry-based techniques every day.


When conventional jobs are hard to discover, a home-based job utilizing network marketing skills is a simple standby choice. It gives people the opportunity to earn a fair salary embodying goods or services that they love while being able to pay the bills and spend more time with their families. For those that require a little extra money to make ends meet, just a few hours a week with a home-based business can generate the additional income that is required.

Additional Statistics to Contemplate About This Industry

1. The average dividend checks a home-based networking marketing representative receives every month is bigger than $500.

2. By 2025 it is tallied that 50% of American households will be utilizing a home-based network marketing business at least part-time.

3. The average worker in this industry who struggles full-time at direct sales reaps more than $55,000 per year.

4. 1 out of every 5 home-based network marketing companies gross at least 6 figures in sales yearly.

5. More than half a million people will establish a home-based business utilizing network marketing industry skills in 2025 alone.

6. More than 15 million people presently work full-time at home in network marketing in various companies.

7. Some of the greatest names in this MLM business are Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pampered Chef, and Tupperware.

8. Network marketing in the United States and India has encountered consistent expansion for more than 6 years.



When most people believe in this industry, they think of pyramid schemes, lousy products, and disturbing brochures. Although there is this element to the industry, the huge majority of goods that are sold rapidly not only are of top quality, but they are highly robust in the pricing structure. Home-based parties enable people to discern and use those products before they buy them and many are delighted with their purchase not only because they get something good, but they’re enabling a friend to learn MLM  too.

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The 15 Shocking Facts About Network Marketing You Don’t Know About!

1. A Women Dominated Industry/Profession

·         Did you know that 84% of the People Involved in Network Marketing are mainly women?

·         16% of the men are involved in the MLM business. The majority of Top 20% revenue earners in Network Marketing are mostly women and elderly couples.


2. Exponential Growth

In 2020, 10 million people were involved in network marketing worldwide, up 4.4% from 2020. A substantial characteristic that accounts for this growth, both in sales and people involved, is the widespread surge of entrepreneurship.


3. Network marketing is growing in both advanced and developing economies

The world’s top leading 10 countries for network marketing (accounting for 80% of global sales) are the U.S., China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, Malaysia, and U. K. 6 of these are “Advanced economies” and 4 are “Developing economies” according to the International Monetary Fund.

4. The Surge  Of The Entrepreneur


The meaning of an entrepreneur is a “bearer of risk”—an individual who has a concept or ideas and is ready to take the risk of acting on them.  Since we all encounter and take risks in life, we are all entrepreneurs. In India, 86% of people hold optimistic beliefs toward entrepreneurship.

Today more and more people want to be entrepreneurs, and network marketing gives the platform to be in MLM  business for yourself, but not by yourself.

5. It pays reps/distributors $208M/ a day in commissions worldwide


Network Marketing organizations paid over $76 Billion to their distributors in 2020. There is no barrier to how many ones can earn in this business. Most people begin and become reps/distributors to develop additional revenue on the side in their spare time or part-time. Some others who take it more wildly have achieved financial liberation through Network Marketing.


6. It’s a $189.6 Billion Industry

Well larger than NFL, Music, Video Games, and Movies.

·         NFL: $9.5 Billion

·         Music Industry: $15 Billion

·         Video Gaming Industry: $76 Billion

·         Movie Industry: $88 Billion

·         Natural Food Industry: $90 Billion

·         Network Marketing organizations have developed nearly 1.5 Trillion dollars in sales since 2029.


7. Every 10 Seconds Someone Joins An MLM Company


It is captivating that every 10 seconds someone from around the globe joins a Network Marketing firm. If you are looking for a Network Marketing firm to join,  Call us today for more advice related to MLM.

8. MLM is the reason  behind the Success Of Many Entrepreneurs


Endless successful people and entrepreneurs that you might have recognized, heard, or watched them being interviewed such as Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Grant Cardone, and Paul Zan Pilzer, peak highly about the Network Marketing Profession not almost as a business prototype but as a way that an average person can comprehend the right business abilities and boost their subjective growth and be successful.


9. Top 100 Companies are Credible for 90% of the Industry Global Volume.


There are thousands of firms out there from wellness, household, makeup up to there are only 100 organizations that are credible 90% of the Industry Global Volume.


10. It is a Franchise but without the High Cost


Network Marketing is a franchise prototype with a low cost of entry. You do not require to invest tens of thousands of dollars but for under $500 you can enroll an MLM  company and be in profit in your initial month (when you follow the company system and mentorship plus you do the work. Globally on average, each distributor develops $1,600 in sales volume per year. For every 100 distributors, that’s $160,000 in volume per year.

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11. It is Recession Proof


When the 2008 slump hit the world, Network Marketing grew 24% and it is anticipated to endure future slumps. That is why plenty of people join moreover during recessions as they look for ways to develop extra additional revenues.


12. Community and Branding


Especially in the past decade, with online social interaction and information instantly accessible, consumers are often seeking validation from various reference groups, peer reviews, and community when recognizing a brand. Network marketing’s value proposition gives precisely that.


13. Technology and E-Commerce

·         Technological growths and evolving e-commerce platforms have enabled network marketing firms to provide their distributor's tools to effortlessly expand their company.


·         Online ordering, 24/7 access to training, and no necessity for inventory are making it easier than ever for network marketers to accomplish.


14. Engaging and Empowering People

Subjective touch provides a network marketing advantage over purchasing a product off the shelves. In addition to showcasing the advantages of the products, network marketers can act as instructors, coaches, helping people stick to their determinations and experience success in their new venture.


15. Subjective Growth And Skill-Set


Subjective growth is a major component of Network Marketing, where normal people are being educated on how to become successful beginning from shifting their mindset (from an employee mindset into an entrepreneur mindset). Motivating seminars and events that every organization has are what every individual to prosper and grow their companies globally.



In these 15 Shocking Facts About Network Marketing, you have seen the possibility of this MLM profession. This serves as a pedagogy for those who never heard about this MLM profession or have misconceptions about this highly speculative MLM industry. I hope this assists you and sharing it with others (perhaps as a resource) will help people to decide that there is a better way out there.

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