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Payments gateway is the most crucial aspect of a business. Tritan MLM specializes in integrated payment gateway services.



Payment Gateways are an electronic payment service that approves payments for online business, online shopping, E-commerce, and other authorized online cash transactions. In the case of MLM Software, a Payment Gateway plays the role of a safeguarded medium to make payments and any other cash transactions. Payment gateways encrypt susceptible data in digital format. This comprises encrypting credit/VISA card numbers and disseminating them securely with the customers and dealers.


Our Tritan MLM Software moreover assures user’s currency transactions through reliable secure Payment Gateways according to customer’s wishes. Let us comprehend how Tritan MLM Software’s payment gateway functions.


Payment Gateway automatically summarizes that transaction that is built by a vendor. A Transaction list is cited as the interim group of transactions that has to be reached for a certain duration of time. This transaction includes purchasing new products, dividends, Online Registration, Online Purchase, Signing Up new Members, Package Up-gradation, and Member Renewals.

Shortly, a transaction is examined by the processor and inform credit card about the proportion charged. Then the further information is sent to the dealer and the transaction details are protected in an online merchant account and the exact transaction details are dispatched to the user’s bank account via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

• MLM Merchant Accounts

An MLM merchant account allows you to receive payments from distributors and shoppers globally. MLM credit card processing is contemplated as a huge risk. Still, there’s no need to concern.  You have various alternatives for MLM-friendly payment processing functional to you.

1) Diversify MLM merchant account processing through our comprehensive network of National and multinational banks.

2) Acknowledge all-important credit card brands globally.

3) Add 'check' as an alternative payment method to get extra orders from aboard clients.

4) Gain access to local alternative payment strategies liked by global customers.

5) Pay distributors rapidly with same-day ACH credits.

Increased volume MLM merchant accounts.  Get the processing capacity you require to supervise & expand your business.  Establish numerous accounts to mitigate risk.

 • What is an MLM Merchant Account?

Receiving electronic payments easily & efficiently navigates earnings for direct sales organizations.  MLM merchant accounts provide you the proficiency to receive a broad variety of payment procedures electronically.

1) MLM Credit Card Payments

 Credit and debit cards are utilized widely throughout the globe. In the US, UK, France, China, Australia, Japan, Sweden, customers utilize credit cards more than cash.  The credit card brands promote heavily, escalating international demand for card payments.  Acknowledging all major card brands is a wise trick. 

2) ACH / Echecks

  Electronic checks are the great and most prominent alternative for payment methods.   Millions of Shoppers regularly pay for goods & services by checks.  Adding electronic checks to your checkout page increases sales up to 30%, relying on the products & services being sold on e-commerce.

Moreover, ACH is an incredible way for MLM merchants to pay distributors globally.  Same-day ACH is the quickest and most cost-effective procedure to direct deposit payments to bank accounts.

3) Alternative Payment Methods. 

More than 70 different payment alternatives are accessible for international customers through MLM processors.  In various regions, “in-country” payment strategies, such as local bank transfers, are more prominent than cards.  Experience up to 60%  boosted sales just by giving shoppers familiar & reliable payment methods in their country.  

4) Some MLM merchants Function both in the US and worldwide.

 Displaying and acknowledging payments in the local currencies of your targeted shopping markets is the nicest way to stimulate multinational sales.  Multi-currency processing is a standard characteristic of all MLM merchant accounts.  Acknowledge payments in 160 currencies.  Receive settlements in all crucial world currencies. 

• MLM Merchant Account Advantages

Our objective is for you to get the quickest approvals, lowest rates, and favorable terms for your payment processing.  Here are some of the advantages of MLM credit card processing assistance :  

1) Less  Rates.  Contact us today,  for no-obligation rate comparison.

2) Instant  Approvals.  Speed time to market for the rapid boost in e-commerce orders.

3) MLM Secure Payment Gateway.  Level 1 PCI-DSS certification outperforms the most rigid standards for security, ensuring your company & your shoppers.

4) eCommerce.   Receive orders online rapidly and easily.

5) Virtual Terminals.  Endless virtual terminals for quick processing of mail/phone orders (MOTO).

6) Receive Mobile Payments:  Millions of customers like to pay with mobile devices.

7) Bulk Processing.  Effectively manage large files of orders via batch uploads.

8) Boost Productivity.  Compatible with various e-commerce shopping carts, CRM, and accounting systems.

9) Chargeback Protection. Enables you to stop chargebacks before they occur.  And fight chargebacks you can easily win.

10) Online  Fraud Protection.  Customize a comprehensive display of rules & filters.  Allows only reliable orders.  Decline bad ones.  Set aside dubious transactions for review.

11) Recurring Billing.  Incredible for MLM merchants to receive payments regularly.  Effective for shoppers.  Beneficial for your brand.

12) Customer Service Pros.   Highly experienced and professional service devoted to your MLM software success.

payment gateway integration

 • MLM Payment Processor for High-Risk Merchants

Multi-level marketing corporations are categorized as “high risk” by payment processors due to suspicions about legitimate liabilities, possible chargebacks, and unexpected development patterns.  MLM credit card processing is deemed as high risk, regardless of the category of product or service being sold online.

MLM corporations have hundreds of thousands of dealers globally.  The MLM business prototype comprises well-managed companies with excellent products.  And long track records of cultivating success for their product dealers.

Still, the industry has been afflicted by difficulties over the years.  Scams claiming to be MLM companies have turned out to be hoaxes that preyed on naive distributors and buyers.  And created pessimistic publicity for the MLM  industry as a whole.

Despite this, many banks are open to payment processing methods for the MLM business.  Your dedicated payment services executive will explain the application procedure.  And work with you to assure you of your account approval.


• Applying for Your MLM Merchant Account

Applying for your MLM merchant account is a modest procedure.  You apply along with company documents.  Approvals for your MLM dealership take 5-7 business days from the time a detailed application package is received, due to the high risk associated with this industry.  Multinational MLM payment processors take 10-14 days for account authorization.

A merchant account is identical to a short-term line of credit.  Thus, be certain that the signer on the account has adequate personal credit too.  Oppositely, you can consider adding a co-signer to the application.


• How an MLM Merchant Account is Authorized

Underwriting Authority reviews the application to check the background of the MLM dealer's account.  Also,  give all the requested documents to the authorities, to present your MLM organization in the fairly good position 

The underwriter will initially assess all the data on the application. Then will move on to evaluate the supporting documents. Processing history is researched with a focus on chargebacks.  If chargebacks are short, that’s nice. But If they are bigger then, explain using some justifications and the steps you are taking to bring them under supervision.  Being assertive is a smart technique, illustrating that you can manage your MLM dealer account efficiently.

Bank statements are assessed to confirm that there is enough regulating wealth to operate the company adequately.  Thus, be certain there is enough wealth in your bank accounts to support the processing volumes you are requesting.

Underwriters search the internet for surveys of the MLM  company and owners.  Execute a search yourself so you’ll understand what’s being explained.  Normally, no organization will have excellent reviews.  However, respond to comments honestly and reasonably, which illustrates that you care about good customer services too.

• Advice  for Keeping  MLM Merchant Account Chargebacks Low

The initial step in maintaining chargebacks under control is to give promising customer service.  Make it simple for customers to reach customer support.  Have a liberal refund strategy.  Do the best you can to appease all plausible requests.  Enable customer service representatives to issue refunds or come up with alternative solutions for clients.

Good communication is significant.  Utilizing a descriptor where shoppers recall what was bought, helps to keep chargebacks short.  Send electronic receipts after the customer buys products successfully,  Confirming the purchase and providing the descriptor which will appear on the card statement.  Also give contact data, email address, and support phone number.

No matter how nice customer service is, some customers will call their card issuing bank to dispute a charge rather than the MLM dealer.  Early threat chargeback prevention services inform you when this occurs, enabling you to issue a refund before the conflict turns into a chargeback.  Once a chargeback does happen, chargeback mitigation assistances enable you to fight chargebacks thus you have an alternative chance of winning.

Tritan MLM gateways give 3D Security,  which can be added to your MLM dealer account.  This extra level of protection assists to offload responsibility for some chargebacks back to the card brands.  Tritan MLM gateways have been revamped, facilitating the checkout procedure and making it painless to utilize.

• Why Choose Tritan MLM payment gateway for your MLM dealer Account?

All accounts comprise the following characteristics  & advantages :

1) PCI-DSS Level 1 MLM payment gateway.

2) Protect your company and your clients.

3) Multichannel processing.

4) Take orders online with an easy-to-install API.

5) Process MOTO payments with virtual terminals.

6)  Approve mobile payments.

 7) Bulk process huge files

8)   International acquirers. The selection of banks lets you tailor(cut short) the best  payment processing bank to fulfill the particular needs of your company  . Nowadays banks have numerous MLM dealer accounts registered on a single gateway.

9)  Multi-currency processing gateways. Receive payments from dealers & buyers globally. Inspire faith by exhibiting MLM product rates in ordinary local currencies. 

10)  Improved customer service. Get the opinions you desire when you need them.

11) Recurring billing. Infinite customizable recurring payment methods are tremendous for all goods & services that are sold regularly.

12) Huge volume MLM payment processor.  Get the processing power you require with no caps on volumes.

13) Fraud-fighting weapons. Powerful protection against cybercriminals and hackers.

• Your MLM Software Success is Our Duty

Payments gateway is the most crucial aspect of a business. Tritan MLM  specializes in huge volume & high-risk payment gateway services. Over the past 10 years, our firm has successfully given verified, credible & secure payment processing to thousands of multinational companies.

Securely receive payments. Add alternative payment procedures that steer more orders and expedite sales. Access specialized processing solutions developed to increase your earnings while decreasing risk. Find our top-notch service, affectionate support, and loyalty towards your MLM Business. Contact us anytime for a free demo and discussion. Your complete MLM gateway happiness is our objective.

payment gateway integration

Conclusion -

Tritan MLM Software team includes highly competent developers for the Payment Gateway integration, therefore we create a comprehensive MLM Software, E-commerce Software for several industries, MLM Companies, Shopping websites (E-commerce website), shopping carts, etc. We do provide the strategies of connecting website payment gateways which makes the transmission of customer transaction data very quick, secure, and credible. This makes it more delightful for customers because the payment gateway is required to work  24/7 in EE-commerce transactions.

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